Manifestations of Intolerance and Discrimination

Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians can include, among other things, the following elements:

I) Discrimination: Denial of Rights of Christians

• Violation of freedom of expression
• Violation of freedom of conscience
• Violation of parents' rights with regard to the education of the children
• Violation of the institutional or collective dimension of religious freedom
• Discriminatory "equality" policies

II) Intolerance: Marginalisation of Christians

• Exclusion of Christians from public life
• Exclusion of Christian symbols from the public
• Social disadvantages for Christians
• Insult or incitement
• Misrepresentation of Christians in the media through negative stereotyping

III) Hate Incidents

• Hate crimes against Christians
• Hate incidents such as the disruption of services
• Vandalism

Examples of all elements of Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians are portrayed in our case selection.