After Numerous Acts of Vandalism Bishop Orders Removal of the Eucharist

Country: France
Category: Social Hostility / Intolerance
Attack against: Faith
Area of case: Private
Tags: Vandalism (form of hate crime)

February 10, 2015: In a response to the repeated, severe acts of vandalism which have taken place in ten French parishes during the last few weeks, the bishop of Bellay-Ars ordered that the Eucharist should be removed from all parishes and chapels of his diocese.

The bishop of Bellay-Ars, Mgr Pascal Roland, ordered that the Eucharist, which is a center of devotion for Catholics, would be kept in secure locations. The tabernacle would remain open but without the consecrated bread and wine. The only exception to these measures would be metal tabernacles, which are better secured.

Source: and Famille Chretienne