Art Stolen from Saint-Jacques Church in Dieppe

Country: France
Category: Social Hostility / Intolerance
Attack against: Faith
Area of case: Private
Tags: Vandalism (form of hate crime)

November 07, 2017: Eight works of art were stolen from the St. Jacques Church in Dieppe during the night between the 6th and 7th of November.

Police indicate that the thieves climbed scaffolding and broke a door to break into the church. According to city officials, it was an “well-prepared operation.” Mayor Nicolas Langlois and the parish priest Father Geoffroy de la Touche expressed their strong condemnation of the burglary in a place of worship and heritage church in Dieppe. The mayor also called for surveillance of the buildings and lodged a complaint at the local police station. 

Source: Info Normandie

Photo: By Mattis (Own work)
[CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons