Consultation Centre for Disabled People Vandalised by Left Wing Radicals

Country: France
Category: Social Hostility / Intolerance
Attack against: Morals
Nature of attack: Private
Tags: Insult or Incitement | Vandalism (form of hate crime)

August 2013: The Jérôme-Lejeune-Foundation reports that the HIV/Aids – Awareness raising lobby group “Act Up“ has vandalised the foundation’s premises in the night from August 4th to 5th. Doctors and patients of the foundation discovered insulting posters, red colour on doors, windows and walls and condoms lying around in the morning. Prof. Marie-Odile Rhétoré, director of the public consultations, deplored that the sight was shocking for families and their disabled children who came for appointments and support that morning.

The Jérôme-Lejeune-Foundation researches genetically triggered mental handicap and offers concrete help to patients and their families. It is also engaged working towards a greater protection of unborn children.

Act Up is heavily funded by France and justifies its attack by saying that the Jérôme-Lejeune-Foundation was homophobic for supporting the „Manif Pour Tous“ – a French mass movement against the legalisation of gay marriage and gay adoption.

Press statement of the Jérôme-Lejeune-Foundation on August 5th (French):