‘Crucified Cow’ Displayed in Catholic Church by Artist as Comment on Wastefulness

Country: Belgium
Category: Social Hostility / Intolerance
Attack against: Faith
Area of case: Arts | Private
Tags: Insult or Incitement | Desecration Tag

November 23, 2017: An “art” exhibit depicting 500 kg cow nailed to a cross hanging over a basin with 5,000 liters of milk was installed in the small parish church of Saint John the Baptist of Kuttekoven, in the Flemish town of Borgloon. The artist's message was to draw attention to food waste and housing shortages.

According to the artist, Tom Herck, the cow and milk represent industrial breeding and food waste. The church was chosen to attract attention to numerous empty churches in Flanders during a time of housing shortages.

Local Catholics in Borgloon were outraged and urged the local bishop to have it removed and to offer public prayers of reparation.

Source: Life Site News