News Article Uses Pro-Life Rally Picture to Illustrate "Religious Extremism"

Country: Germany
Category: Social Hostility / Intolerance
Attack against: Faith
Area of case: Media
Tags: Negative Stereotyping

May 11, 2017: News and email website GMX published an article by journalist Mathias Heim about a recently-published study correlating certain head trauma with religious "fundamentalism." Although the article begins with “The problem of the religious fundamentalists has been a topic in science even prior to IS-Terror” ("Das Problem des religiösen Fundamentalismus ist nicht erst seit dem IS-Terror ein Thema in der Wissenschaft"), and never mentions Christians or Christianity, the photograph accompanying the article, with the headline “Injuries in the brain can favor religious extremism” (“Verletzungen im Gehirn könnten extreme Religiösität begünstigen”), is a peaceful Christian pro-life demonstration. This clearly negatively stereotypes Christian pro-life activists as "extremists".

Source: GMX