The European Platform on Religious Tolerance and Freedom of Conscience seeks to end religious intolerance in Europe. It advocates equal rights for all, including Christians, and wishes to bring about a stronger awareness of intolerance and discrimination against religion in Europe, especially in the EU-area and (potential) accession countries. The platform seeks to offer alternatives to radical secularism and to underline the principle of reasonable accomodation.


  • The Platform brings together NGOs and experts who are concerned by the phenomenon of religious intolerance and limitations to Freedom of Conscience. 
  • The Platform is a platform of exchange for its partners and a platform of common bi- or multilateral cooperation and activities. The Partners share good practices in the areas of concern.
  • The Platform receives data, information, and concerns through its partners and issues concise reports on current topics when necessary. 
  • The Platform facilitates the participation of its partners to inter- and supranational governmental institutions. It seeks to be recognised as a partner and engage with inter- and supranational governmental institutions especially the European Union, the Council of Europe, the United Nations, and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, as well as national human rights bodies and similar institutions.   


The Partners of the Platform:

  • respect human rights and works towards a greater protection of human rights in Europe.
  • use democratically accepted means to achieve their goals.
  • understand and advocate freedom of religion in its internal and external, personal and collective dimensions.
  • respect the differences within religions and Christian denominations and cooperate in good will.
  • promote public debate and meaningful dialogue to combat religous intolerance. 
  • engage with decision makers to further the protection of human rights with a special regard to Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Conscience.