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Legal Restrictions Affecting Christians

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The Observatory's Report 2012 contains two parts: 1. Legal Restrictions affecting Christians in Europe and 2. the most striking cases of intolerance and discrimination throughout Europe in the year 2012.

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How European „Hate Speech“ Laws Are Threatening Freedom of Speech

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Exiting a Dead End Road

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"Exiting a Dead End Road. A GPS for Christians in Public Discourse" contains: Describing Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians - What’s Wrong With the West? – Understanding Rights Talk – Dealing with Political Correctness – Comprehending Freedom and Tolerance – Responding to Anti-Discrimination Policy – Confronting Radical Secularism – Holding Universal Truths in a Pluralistic Society – Working with Media – Protecting Freedom of Speech – Ways Out of the Ghetto – and more...

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Latest Updates


  • "The only religion the West permits criticism of is Christianity."

    – Dennis Prager, July 2007

  • "Excluding signs of Christian civilization from Europe does not make it a place friendlier to non-Christians."

    – Russian-Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion, September 2011

  • "If you are a badge-wearing Christian, you are more likely to be marginalised more than any other religion."

    – Peter Kerridge, Feb. 2012

  • "We need to create a country in which people can be unashamedly proud of their faith – where they don’t feel that they have to leave religion at the door."

    – Baroness Warsi, November 2011

  • "[There is a] crisis of religious freedom by the development of an aggressive form of secularism which seeks to condemn Christians to a marginalization in public life."

    – Jaime Urcelay, May 2011

  • "One can only regret the silence of the media and the institutions when it comes to the very numerous desecration of Christian sites."

    – Louis Guédon, French member of parliament, September 2012

  • "You stand a better chance of earnest representation if you are a hedgehog [than a Christian in the UK] – and I speak as a patron of the Hedgehog Protection Society."

    – Miss Widdecombe, October 2011

  • “It is curious that atheists have proved to be so intolerant of those who have a faith.”

    – Chris Patten, April 2011

  • "Christians [in the UK] continue to voice concern about the ability to express their faith in the workplace."

    – Report on International Religious Freedom of US state department, Nov. 2010

  • "I can not help wondering about the moral responsibility of certain media who nurture in French society a particularly unhealthy climate of anti-Catholicism."

    – Mgr Marc Aillet, October 2010

  • “7 out of 10 Anglican clergy experienced some kind of violence from 1999 to 2001.”

    – Independent Academic Research study, September 2001

  • "I imagine many Christians today feel under threat... We don’t have to agree with them, but we must recognise their right to disagree with us."

    – Roger Helmer, September 2010

  • "Christianity isn’t being violently rejected from the public sphere, but quietly banned from all areas of the collective memory."

    – Jean-Pierre Denis, June 2011

  • "These are worrying signs of a failure to appreciate not only the rights of believers to freedom of conscience and freedom of religion, but also the legitimate role of religion in the public square."

    – Pope Benedict XVI, September 2010

  • "Does fairness and equality only apply to people who are non-Christians in this country?"

    – UK House of Commons, M. Jackson, Feb. 2009

  • "There seems to be a prejudice against Christians or against the manifestation of the Christian faith which totally puzzles me."

    – Archbishop Peter Smith, September 2011

  • “I am not Catholic, but I think there is prejudice and especially major anti-clericalism that is taking on enormous proportions in Europe.”

    – Bernard-Henri Lévy, September 2010

  • 485 cemeteries or places of worship were damaged between January 1st and September 30th, 2010. 410 were Christian sites, 40 Muslim sites and 35 Jewish sites.

    – Former Minister M. Hortefeux, November 2010

  • "The influence of a certain anti-Christian attitude is being spread through the media, in textbooks or in public opinion."

    – Cardinal Peter Erdö, September 2011

  • In many jurisdictions in Europe and North America, religious freedom can all too easily be 'trumped' by other rights.

    – Roger Trigg, February 2012

  • "We often hear about Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, and very little is said about Christianophobia, which is gaining strength in many European countries."

    – Russian-Orthodox Metropolit Hilarion, January 2008

  • “Societies in which freedom of religion and speech flourish are more resilient, more stable, more peaceful, and more productive.”

    – Hilary Clinton, Nov. 2010

  • “I am gay and I am atheist but... it seems to me that what we are doing is producing a tyrannous new morality that is every bit as oppressive as the old.”

    – David Starkey, March 2011

  • “Recent attacks on Christian communities have highlighted the necessity to address the problem of intolerance against Christians with a specific focus on hate crimes."

    – OSCE Report, September 2011

  • "Hate incidents and hate crimes directed against Christians strike at the core values of the OSCE community."

    – Lamberto Zannier, September 2011

  • “Christianity is under pressure from a form of secularism, particularly in Europe... It seems that there is a fear of allowing religion to play a role in public life.”

    – UN Economic and Social Council, December 2004

  • "Christianity will become a faith that can speak in the public square less and less freely."

    – Archbishop Charles Chaput, August 2010

  • “[It is] almost socially unacceptable to say you believe in God.”

    – Jeremy Vine, 2009

Recent cases


Insulting Graffiti at the Vatican on Right Side of Bernini’s Colonnade

Bernini’s Colonnade, which had been restored in preparation for the canonisation of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II, was found to have graffiti on the right side with the words, in poor English, “Catalic is Hitler.” Implying that a Catholic is like Hitler. Read more ...

Religious Statues Broken in the District of Linz-Land

Two saint statues were damaged between Friday, March 28th and Thursday, April 3rd. The statues had been located in a niche in front of the church of Hofkirchen im Traunkreis in the district of Linz-Land. The amount of damages was not officially known. The police have undertaken an investigation and are requesting leads in order to find the culprit(s). Read more ...

Catholic Church in Târgu Mureş Targeted for Graffiti

A Catholic church in Târgu Mureş, Romania, was found with the graffitied image of a swastika cross and suspicions lie with the extremist organisation called Noua Dreaptă (New Right). Read more ...

Offensive Representation of the Last Supper on Cover of Music Album

The musical group Steel Panther released its new album “All You can Eat” on April 1, 2014. The cover portrays a group of band members in a Last Supper scene among whom are scantily clad women in provocative postures. Underneath is the name of the album, “All You Can Eat”. Read more ...

Local Priest in Trèbes Reproached for Wearing a Cross

One of the officials working at a voting station in the town of Trèbes, France, reproached the local parish priest for wearing a cross around his neck saying that it was too ostensible a sign of religious adherence. Read more ...

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