Graveyard in Cork Brutally Desecrated in Ireland

Country: Ireland

Date of incident: March 13, 2021

In the early hours of 13 March, gravestones at the Cork cemetery have been viciously vandalised and graffitied with spray paint at the Church of Saint Mary and Saint John in Ballincollig. Several gravestones were moved, knocked over and partially destroyed. Local Councillor Colm Kelleher described the scenes as “absolutely sickening to see”. He continued: “This is someone’s family member and for their final resting place to be desecrated in a manner like this, it’s absolutely disgusting. If the perpetrators are found and caught, they should be persecuted to the full rigours of the law." The local Police are investigating the incident.


Symbolic Photo by Madeleine Maguire on Unsplash