Church Door Set on Fire in Italy

Country: Italy

Date of incident: August 2, 2021

The wooden door of the church of Saint Andrew the Apostle in Capodrise has been set on fire by an unknown perpetrator. The incident happened on the evening of 2 August. Thanks to the quick intervention of the local fire brigade the fire was brought under control and quickly put out. Police are investigating the scene and are looking for the perpetrator.

Exactly one year before this incident, there was a similar attempt of arson to the parish. "The investigators will carry out their own investigations. Our community is very wounded at the moment, wounded again! It is attached to its churches, of solid religious tradition, respectful of its priests. It does not deserve to be in the news for these unworthy gestures that hurt us. The doors can be fixed, the marble restored, but the wounds remain! It will take time", said the Parish Priest Don Giuseppe Di Bernardo. 


Symbolic Photo by Vicky Sim on Unsplash