Man Spits on Priest in Bordeaux

Country: France

Date of incident: February 27, 2022

A man, who has been identified by the police and arrested, spat in the face of a priest at the Saint Michel church in Bordeaux. Foreigners had set up stalls inside the church without permission and the police had to intervene. At the exit of the church, a priest was blessing those in the square when a man allegedly spat in his face. The priest has chosen not to press charges due to the church policy of maintaining peace.

The diocese of Bordeaux commented "The priest who was spat at does not wish to press charges. The diocese of Bordeaux reaffirms its willingness to cultivate a climate of peace and brotherhood in this neighborhood St Michel, in close connection with the municipality, associations and law enforcement." 

Activists carried out an awareness-raising protest in teh mroning of 2nd March in front of Saint Michel's Church.

They stated: "We do not forget that on July 26, 2016, Father Hamel was murdered in the middle of Mass. Nor do we forget the three people killed in Nice Cathedral by a Tunisian illegal immigrant. Let us add that in 2021, nearly 50% of crimes against a religion concerned the Catholic Church. France is the eldest daughter of the Church. To spit on priests, to spit on Catholics is to spit on France!"

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