Hateful Anti-Christian Tags Found on Church in Foix

Country: France

Date of incident: April 15, 2022

On April 15th, hateful inscriptions were painted on the Saint-Volusien Church in Foix. Phrases such as, "A good church is a church on fire," could be seen. Father Edouard de Laportalière said about the author who was not yet identified, "I recognised this writing already affixed to buildings in the parish that incited people not to believe in the Church. I invite this person to come and meet me, so that we can talk rather than write it on the church because it costs money to erase these messages." The Father said this was the third time the church has been targeted.

The mayor of Foix, Norbert Meler said, "There is still a feeling of anger. Public property is being infringed upon, something that belongs to everyone and that we pay for with our taxes."

"On the morning of Holy Saturday, there was a tag: a good church is a burning church. I immediately called the mayor. The town hall did what was necessary to repaint. This is the third time that this wall has been tagged." said Father Edouard de Laportalière, parish priest of Foix.

Source: france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr

Symbolic Image from pexels