Town of Picauville Closed All Churches to Visits Due to Previous Acts of Vandalism

Country: France

Date of incident: August 5, 2022

The town hall of Picauville has taken the decision on the 5th of August that churches will remain closed, due to the high amount of vandalism. Claudine Marie, the second deputy major, commented about recent incidents: "Damage took place on Wednesday 3 or Thursday 4 August. In particular in the church of Amfreville, where the trunk was torn off to take the little money that was inside. This caused some additional damage to the wall where it was hung." Masses and other religious celebrations will still take place.

"All churches in the new commune are closed after various vandalisms. This is the message posted on its Facebook page, Wednesday, August 10, 2022, the town hall of Picauville (Manche).


Photo von analogicus on Pexels