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New Survey finds Christians in Scotland under pressure

July 23, 2024, United Kingdom

According to an opinion poll by the think tank “Logos” published in The Herald on July 23, Christians in Scotland feel “excluded”. More than 70% feel the Scottish Government does not support them and 75% were concerned about abuse against Christian politicians.  While 70% of Christians among the 1,000 surveyed Scottish voters reported having experienced prejudice because of their faith, the majority of non-Christian respondents said they did not face any discrimination. Less than 10% of respondents (Christian and non-Christian) thought that Scottish ministers were supportive of Christians. 

Islamic tags and vandalism in Parisian Notre-Dame-du-Travail Church

July 15, 2024, France

Between Sunday, July 14 and Monday, July 15, vandals broke into the Parisian Notre-Dame-du-Travail Church, vandalised the building and left a number of Islamic anti-Christian graffiti, like "Submit yourselves to Allah infidels" and a knife planted in the throat of a statue of Mary.

Thieves behead Statue of Jesus and Steal Money from Shrine

July 13, 2024, Italy

On Saturday, July 13, unknown perpetrators broke into the sanctuary of the Madonna della Grotta, stole over 500 euro and beheaded the statue of the infant Jesus.

Young Christians attacked on Lake Constance while preaching

July 12, 2024, Germany

On Wednesday afternoon, July 12, a group of young Christians aged between 16 and 23 were attacked on Lake Constance while they were reading bible verses over a megaphone on a rental boat.

Man drives a truck into Austrian free church

July 8, 2024, Austria

On Monday evening, July 8, a man drove a truck into the Pentecostal Elim Church in Brunn am Gebirge, Austria. According to the police, this was a deliberate attack. The man confessed that he had acted out of anger, the perpetrator, however, is not known to the church.

"Death to Jews and Christians" graffiti in Croissy-sur-Seine

July 3, 2024, France

On July 3 at around 11 am, the police discovered anti-police, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian tags in Croissy-sur-Seine (Yvelines, west of Paris). The writings were found on the wall of the Canotiers' underground car park. According to the news, the following slogans are written in metre-high letters: "ACAB", "FLIC = TUEUR", "FREE PALESTINE", and "À MORT LES JUIFS ET LES CHRÉTIENS", inciting to killing police, Jews and Christians.

Profanation of a statue of Mary in Żary

June 30, 2024, Poland

On the night of June 29 to June 30, an unknown perpetrator damaged both hands of a statue of the Mary, which is located on Zielona Góra Street in Żary. The police are investigating the incident.

Tear gas attack during evangelical church service

June 30, 2024, France

On Sunday, June 30, a disturbing event shook took place during a church service in Dijon. During the Seventh-Day Adventist Sunday service, which assembled about a hundred faithful at around 11:00 a.m., an unidentified individual entered the building and sprayed the assembly with tear gas. This unexpected attack caused panic and dismay among the participants, nine of whom were injured.

Secular Belgian court fines Catholic prelates for denying a woman access to deacon training

June 27, 2024, Belgium

Belgian prelates Archbishop Luc Terlinden of Mechelen-Brussels and former archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels Cardinal Jozef De Kesel were convicted by a Belgian court after they denied a woman entry into a diaconate formation program and ordered to pay compensation.

Arson at Methodist church in Doncaster

June 26, 2024, United Kingdom

As reported on 26th June, 100 year old Rossington Methodist church in Doncaster has been destroyed due to fire. It is believed to be an arson attack. The church was added to the Local Heritage List last year. It has been closed for worship since 2019.