Exiting a Dead End Road

A GPS for Christians in Public Discourse

Describing Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians - What’s Wrong With the West? – Understanding Rights Talk – Dealing with Political Correctness – Comprehending Freedom and Tolerance – Responding to Anti-Discrimination Policy – Confronting Radical Secularism – Holding Universal Truths in a Pluralistic Society – Working with Media – Protecting Freedom of Speech – Ways Out of the Ghetto – and more...

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Contributing Authors:

Jane Adolphe
Hilarion Alfeev
F. J. Borrego Borrego
Rocco Buttiglione
Charles Chaput
Kizito Chinedu Nweke
Jakob Cornides
Flavio Felice
Ombretta Fumagalli-Carulli
Robert George
Francesc Grané
Gudrun Kugler
Mario Mauro
Marguerite Peeters
Michael Prüller
David Quinn
Austin Ruse
William Saunders
Christoph Schönborn
Jean-Pierre Schouppe
Piero Tozzi
Mats Tunehag
Luca Volonté Joseph Weiler