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"Self-Censored" Documentary by OIDAC Europe Release Dates

December 5, 2023, Austria

OIDAC Europe has produced a documentary that explores the topic of self-censorship. The film shows the experiences and thoughts of Christian university students in Europe, when trying to share their faith or live according to their beliefs in a highly secular environment. This project led to reflection on Christianity, society, freedom of speech, social media, and many other topics. The students also shared ideas for ways to encourage open conversations and mutual respect among groups of individuals holding different opinions and beliefs.


November 16, 2023, Austria

Today, on the International Day of Tolerance, OIDAC Europe presents its new Annual Report 2022/23. The report finds an increase of anti-Christian hate crimes by 44% over the last year. Arson attacks on churches increased even by 75% between 2021 and 2022. OIDAC Europe’s annual report also found legal discrimination against Christians who expressed traditional Christian worldviews.

Hundreds Gather to Demand Justice for Victims of Religious Persecution in Bern

July 11, 2022, Switzerland

The Bundesplatz in Bern was filled with 500 wooden crosses, 1,000 roses, and a long list of names of victims of religious persecution on the 9. July. This was organized by the Working Group for Religious Freedom of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance SEA. They want to show solidarity with the more than 5,000 Christians worldwide who die because of their faith. And they warn that the number of people persecuted for their faith across different religions is increasing. Still, the organizers want to also communicate hope for the future.

Religious Freedom in Danger if a Russian Invasion of Ukraine would succeed

March 7, 2022, Ukraine

In the light of the current invasion of Ukraine by Russia, experts and human rights activists are concerned for religious freedom. They fear religious minorities will face the same human rights violations as in Russian controlled areas. Religious groups suffer discrimination in Crimea and the pro-Russian controlled areas of Luhansk and Donetsk.