OIDAC Europe Annual Report - 2022/23

The annual report 2022/23 by OIDAC Europe was released on the International Day of Tolerance (16 Nov.). The report finds an increase of anti-Christian hate crimes, rising to 748 cases in 2022. This matches the data of the new OSCE Annual Hate Crime Report, which documents 792 anti-Christian hate crimes in 2022.  OIDAC Europe’s annual report found an increase of anti-Christian hate crimes by 44% over the last year. Arson attacks on churches increased even by 75% between 2021 and 2022.  The organization also found that more crimes have a clear extremist motivation, and that Christians who expressed traditional Christian worldview have faced legal discrimination. 

Download the Full Report HERE

Or you can request a physical copy to our email: observatory@intoleranceagainstchristians.eu