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Vandalism and Theft from Church in Ursini

May 15, 2022, Italy

On May 15th, offerings were stolen from the Chiesa di Maria SS. Aiuto dei Cristiani church in the city of Ursini. The unknown vandals broke the glass of the rectory to get access to the offerings which they stole, along with a candlestick which is used to put coins into the offering box. They also tore up the curtain of the confessional. The police have investigated the crime.

Windows Broken with Stones in Leipzig Church

May 14, 2022, Germany

A 38-year-old man, thought to be Croatian, was observed throwing stones at an evangelical Church in Leipzig on May 14th. The police arrested him but not before he had damaged a total of five window panes. An investigation was underway.

Arson and Vandalism at Church in Henstedt-Ulzburg

May 14, 2022, Germany

On May 14th, a man and woman broke open the door of the Henstedt-Ulzburger Kreuzkirche and vandalized the inside. They tried to set the carpet in front of the alter on fire, which went out, and they damaged knee cushions and hymnals. The property damage was not yet calculated but the police were notified and wrote a complaint to the Norderstedter detectives who investigated it.

Historic "Weather Blessing" Cross Stolen from Church in St.George

May 14, 2022, Switzerland

A weather blessing cross, that is almost 200 years old and very important to the community, was stolen from the St. Gallen Catholic Church in St. George. It stands 45cm tall and was taken on the 14th of May by unknown thieves. Magnus Hächler, administrator of the church said: "It's a painful loss and very annoying."

Panoramic Church Window of Church in Leipzig Destroyed

May 13, 2022, Germany

The Catholic provost church Sankt Trinitatis in Leipzig was once again targeted by vandalism after the theft of the tabernacle in April. This time, on May 13th, the 20-meter long by 3 three-meter high church window which has the entire Bible printed on it, was destroyed. The property damage was at least 50,000 to 100,000 euros said provost Gregor Giele of the Catholic New Agency (KNA). Police started an investigation.

Extensive Destruction of Church Windows in Leipzig

May 13, 2022, Germany

Six panes of glass were broken in on May 13th at the Catholic Church Sankt Laurentius in Reudnitz-Thonberg, Leipzig. It was not known who completed the vandalism but an investigation was underway. The property damage was in the four-digit range.

Arson Attack and Theft on Pau Chaplaincy

May 12, 2022, France

The Chaplaincy in Pau was the victim of an arson attack on the 12th of May. The fire was started on the ground floor of the presbytery of the church of Saint-Pierre and it was obvious that the tabernacle was deliberately targeted as it was charred. The consecrated hosts were not burned but the police also noticed thefts of a computer and some money.

"Fake" Bomb Placed in Potenza Church

May 11, 2022, Italy

A suitcase that was thought to contain a bomb, was left in the Church of San Michele Arcangelo in the historic city of Potenza. It was placed there during the afternoon on May 11th and due to the ticking sound that the suitcase emitted, a bomb was suspected to be inside. A police squad was immediately notified but as the investigations were made, no bomb was found as it was supposed to be a bad joke.

Intruders Break into Church in Siegen-Eiserfeld and Ransack the interior

May 11, 2022, Germany

Unknown intruders forcibly broke into the church in Siegen-Eiserfeld on May 11th. Once inside, they ransacked several cupboards and using tools from the church inventory forced open locked containers. Nothing was stolen but the property damage was significant.

Insulting Graffiti on Church in Killeshil

May 11, 2022, Ireland

The outer wall of the St. Paul's Church of Ireland in Killeshil was painted with the words "baby killers" alongside a swastika symbol. The attack was labelled a hate crime by the PSNI who were investigating the incident. Frances Burton, the DUP councillor for the Clogher Valley area said: “It really is soul-destroying for the people involved with that church and it’s something that is so uncalled for."