Sexual Education Class Violates Parents' Rights

Country: Hungary

Date of incident: December 4, 2011

Hungarian parents of an 11-year-old reported that in December 2011 their daughter came back from school having experienced the following: a female university student had come to their public school in a village near Budapest to provide sexual education to the children. The young woman who was alone with the children for this class, showed them slides of male and female genitals and put a condom on a cucumber and encouraged the children to touch it.

The children were highly embarrassed and ashamed. When the unhappy parents contacted the school and the relevant authorities, the city and even the secretary of state and received no satifying answers or explanations. Instead he found out about a state approved program of sexual education that was funded by pharmaceutical giants such as Merck, Bayer, Durex and Roche.
Neither did the parents know about such kind of sexual education, nor did they have the possibility to intervene. This clearly violates the rights of parents, in this case Christian parents, as Christian convinctions are partly in contradiction in content. Source known to Observatory.