(Scotland) Christian Radio Presenter Sacked

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: January 11, 2009

Muslim Radio sacks Christian presenter after six years of cooperation.

Rev. Masih takes radio Awaz FM to court on "discrimination against members of Asian Christian Community by [the] Muslim management of Awaz FM." Rev. Mahboob Masih is a Glasgow based Church minister who had volunteered for Awaz FM for six years every Sunday morning. Javaid Ullah, the director of the radio station, terminated the Rev Masih "voluntary agreement... with immediate effect", because he had "failed to remain neutral and as such allowed the guest to make comments which led in offending various members of the community." Rev. Masih demands his reinstatement and claims that "our comments were directed to 'insulting' and/or 'controversial' remarks made by [one of the talk show guest] in relation to Christianity. This was no more than religious debate under the general principles of British law and within the Ofcom Code. No intemperate language was used on our show." Awaz FM refuses to give out details of Rev. Masih's sayings that allegedly offended the listeners, accoring to the Daily Telegraph Full story: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/4213994/Presenter-sacked-for-supporting-the-Bibles-teachings-on-radio.html