Christian on Trial for Reaching Out to Woman on the Way to Abortion

Country: France

Date of incident: June 30, 2012

A French retired doctor faced police investigation for trial because of giving a woman who intended an abortion knitted baby shoes and a medallion. In France “moral and psychological pressure” seen as an “hindrance of abortion” is punishable.

The French pro life activist, 93 year old Dr. Xavier Dor had attended a prayer group in 2011 that had given flyers showing an aborted child in front of a hospital in Paris. The APHP (Public Hospitals of Paris) accused him of showing “shocking pictures”. Last year in June he had attended a meeting with a Family Planning Association. On his way out of their building he ran into a woman who was on her way to their office. He gave her a pair of knitted baby shoes and a medallion of the Virgin Mary.
The woman was in tears when she reached the office of the Family Planning Association.
In 2001 the law on abortion in France added “moral and psychological pressure” to the offenses seen as “hindrance of abortion” when it is done to a woman who is in progress on getting an abortion. The punishment for “hindrance of abortion” is a maximum of two years imprisonment or an up to 200 000 € fine.