Muslims Distribute Intolerant Writings in Basel

Country: Switzerland

Date of incident: January 4, 2014

Every first Saturday of the month, five Muslim men from the Islamic Central Bureau of Switzerland (IZRS) distribute Muslim texts at the Claraplatz in Central Basel. One of the books they distribute, the „Book of Simplified Comment“, suggests to murder Christians and Jews, and to take their money.

The „Book of Simplified Comment“ as well as the „Book of Simplified Law“ were both translated by experts from Arabic, and contains numerous references to Sharia law and the Koran. Other suggestions in the books are to punish extramarital sex by 100 lashes, punish thiefs by cutting their hand off, and to kill any person that converts from Islam. When asked about the origin of the books, IZRS did not to provide that information.

Source: Basler Zeitung