(BBC) Christianity Slated on British Television

Country: International

Date of incident: April 1, 2009

Christianity is being targeted on British television. The popular TV soap Coronation Street featured a series of outspoken attacks on the Christian faith. Numerous TV series and broadcasts present Christianity as ridiculous and absurd.

The character of Ken Barlow accused Christian believers of targeting “vulnerable people”, and claimed his grandson Simon was being “indoctrinated” by Christians at church and at his primary school. The Coronation Street plotline involves “born-again Christian” character Sophie Webster, who is in a lesbian relationship with another girl, possibly from her Bible study group. In the Hollyoaks, which is hugely popular among teenagers, a “Christian” character claims to have found an image of Jesus in a potato. The BBC received 150 complaints about an episode of Eastenders, in which “Christian” character Dot Cotton was made to look old fashioned and ridiculous in her beliefs on homosexuality. In some of the BBC’s religious documentaries it is claimed that Mary was raped by a Roman soldier and Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus was caused by an epileptic fit. Mark Thompson, the Director General of the BBC, admitted that he believes Christianity should be treated with less sensitivity in television programmes than other religions. Recent storylines in a number of soaps have sent the clear message that “Christians are nutters” - the Daily Telegraph’s religion correspondent, Jonathan Wynne-Jones, wrote on his blog. “Once faith has been made to look ridiculous, the attempts of believers to rebut the criticism will be met with deaf ears. And then the line between ridicule and persecution becomes even thinner.” - he said. Some senior church leaders, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, have voiced their concerns at the BBC’s attitude to Christianity. We thank the Christian Institute for reporting on this case. Please read more at: http://www.christian.org.uk/news/20090420/tv-sends-message-that-christians-are-nutters/?e240409