Aggressive Left-Wing Activists Interrupt Demonstration of Parents in Stuttgart

Country: Germany

Date of incident: February 2, 2014

A protest of parents who were not happy with a new educational plan seeking to implement “sexual diversity education” had to end early due to massive opposition. Protesters were physically attacked and it was felt that the Police failed to protect the parents’ basic right of assembly.

The registered protest of a platform of parents against a new educational plan of the green and socialist government parties in Baden-Württemberg, seeking to implement "sexual diversity education" in schools, was to take place on Schlossplatz of Stuttgart, the local capital. Up to 1000 parents, partly with their children, came to express their irritation regarding early sexualisation of school children.
After a manifestation on Schlossplatz, the rally was to move through Stuttgart on an authorised route, but an aggressive mob of young left wing groups and ANTIFA formed a counter-demonstration, insulting the parents, throwing colour bombs and physically attacking the peaceful group of parents.
Many of the parents with children and supporters quickly left the area, since they no longer felt safe. Police urged the organisers to dissolve the rally, in order "to avoid escalation". The initiators of the demonstrations expressed their disappointment of the missing support by the police and that a basic right, such as the right of assembly, was not protected.
"Apparently, they did not expect such a violent counter-demonstration, even though we expressed our concerns in this regard beforehand" said one of the parents.
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