Hospital Bans Paintings of Churches

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: May 5, 2009

A London hospital informed local artists who contributed paintings for its decoration were informed that any depiction but that of churches was welcome. The reason given was to be mindful of other religions.

To brighten up a hospital in London for its patients, it was to be decorated with paintings by local artists. By an unsolicited letter the artists were informed that their works could depict any subject except for churches. Many of them were enraged that images of Christian buildings were banned, but those of other religions were welcome. The hospital authorities explained their decision saying that the hospital had to be “mindful of all religious denominations”. Local painter Beryl O'Brien, 71, said to the Daily Mail: 'It seems ridiculous to try to be so inclusive, and by doing that exclude people who are tolerant to some extent.' Read more at: