Nurse Fired For Religious Advise In a Role Play Training

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: May 1, 2009

Anand Rao, a nurse with over 40-years of experience, has been sacked after he suggested two people playing patients might go to Church and pray during a role play session on a training course.

Mr Rao was taking part in an exercise aiming to teach the medical stuff to work in palliative care. During the course he imparted some religious advice to a woman, who was playing the role of a patient with a serious heart condition, to attend Church for relieving stress. In another role play scenario, Mr Rao advised a "patient", who had Aids, saying that “when no treatment is available, the best treatment is prayer to God." The course directors told him they do not want him to talk about God and sent a report to his employer raising concerns over his performance. Following an investigation, Mr Rao was sacked. As the authorities of the hospital explained, the nurse was dismissed because in spite of the fact that he was given the opportunity to assure them that this would never happen again, he was unable to do so. Read more at: