Preacher Arrested For Public Order Offence

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: April 1, 2002

(October 2001-April 2002) Evangelical preacher arrested and fined for displaying a sign in public saying ‘Stop Immorality’.

Harry Hammond, an Evangelical preacher for over 20 years, was arrested in Bornemouth, for displaying a sign in public saying ‘Stop Immorality’, ‘Stop Homosexuality’ and ‘Stop Lesbianism’. A group of passers-by gathered around and tried to take away his sign. They threw soil and poured water on him. Mr Hammond was arrested for “offending public order”. He was charged under section 5 of the Public Order Act (1986). In April 2002 he was travelling by bus with a similar sign visible from the street. Again, a group of about 30 people gathered harassing him. Police officers ordered Mr. Hammond to remove the sign and leave the place. He was fined £ 300, and ordered to pay costs of £ 395. Mr. Hammond died shortly after the trial from an autism spectrum disorder. Sources: