Anti-Christian Facebook Page Hurts Feelings of Faithful

Country: International

Date of incident: June 23, 2014

The Facebook page „Virgin Mary should´ve aborted“ covers images of the unborn Jesus as an abortion victim wearing a crown of thorns and blood flowing from his side while the Virgin Mary smokes a marijuana cigar. The content of this page is mostly anti-Christian, as well as pro-abortion. The statements on this page are spreading defamation and hatred against Christians and Christianity.

The Facebook group “Virgin Mary should´ve aborted” has already almost 13.000 followers. The page’s profile image is also  offensive, featuring a cartoon image of the Virgin Mary looking down at her swollen belly and saying: „F*ck”. As a description of this group, there is stated: “People have rights, ideas do not. No beliefs are above criticism. Organized religion is AIDS and we desperately need a cure.”
There have been several complaints regarding this page to Facebook. One of the attempts was carried out by Cary Bogue, CEO of Project Wildfire who runs the “Catholics & Protestants United Against Christian Discrimination” Facebook page. Last summer, Bogue succeeded in having the offensive page temporarily taken down but it has appeared within two days again as the page owners successfully appealed the ban.
As Bogue renewed the effort to have the page removed he received several death threats. Facebook pages were put up attacking him and his family. Sources: