Left Wing Radicals Throw Pro-Life Symbols Into River

Country: Germany

Date of incident: October 1, 2009

Large white crosses carried by pro life manifestations through the city of Berlin. Several of the crosses were stolen by members of left wing associations and were thrown into a nearby river.

On September 26, 2009, more than 1300 members of pro life organisations joined a protest in downtown Berlin. They carried 1000 white wooden crosses with them as a symbol of the fate of aborted children. About 400 left wing counter-demonstrators tried to disturb the peaceful manifestation. They were members amongst others of the German political party “Die Linke” or the family planning counseling network “pro familia”. The leftwing radicals - hardly to be contained by the police - ended up hijacking about a dozen of the crosses, throwing them into the nearby river Spree. For a full report in German, please view: [http://www.medrum.de/?q=content/linksradikale-fanatiker-warfen-kreuze-fuer-das-leben-die-spree]