Gay Students Disrupt Lecture At Cologne University

Country: Germany

Date of incident: December 7, 2009

Homosexual students disrupted a lecture of Protestant philosopher Prof. Edith Düsing at Cologne University. The students made noise and used kissing and banners due to her support of a manifesto in May 2009 protesting the cancellation of an academic lecture at a psychology congress on grounds of the speakers’ research on healing homosexuality.

Prof. Edith Düsing had scheduled her lecture on Schiller and Nietzsche on December 7th at 4 pm. More than fifty students came to protest and prevented the lecture from beginning. The protest had been organized by a Gay and Lesbian Office at Cologne university. After 35 minutes the dean convinced the protestors to leave. Prof. Düsing passed out a written explanatory statement. After her lecture to about 70 students, the remaining protesters booed her. Full story in German: