Due Diligence Omitted in Anti-Christian Newspiece

Country: Germany

Date of incident: December 16, 2009

Due diligence omitted in questionable article in German daily Die Zeit wrongly accusing Christians of being in favour of radical law in Uganda. Complaint to Press Council lodged by professor of journalism.

On December 14, 2009, German daily Die Zeit released an article about a new strict draft law against homosexual behaviour in Uganda. Journalist Felix Wadewitz alledges evangelical forces behind the draft law. Read his full article in German here: http://www.zeit.de/politik/ausland/2009-12/uganda-homosexualitaet-usa?page=all&print=true, This article is untrue, as leading evangelicals have spoken up against the draft law as the main evangelical news service Christian Post reports (please view http://www.christianpost.com/article/20091103/christians-urged-to-speak-out-against-uganda-s-anti-gay-bill/index.html and "Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill Draws Evangelical Opposition" and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jmGu9o4fDE. Effects of such untrue reporting are negative stereotyping of Christians and creating and reinforcing prejudices leading to hatred and intolerance against Christians. Complaint to German Press Council (Deutscher Presserat) was lodged by Wolfgang Stock, professor of journalism, on December 16th on grounds of religious defamation as well as manipulation, as sources were insufficient and those accused not heard.  We thank www.medrum.de for their report.