Swiss Evangelical Party's Office Attacked for Supporting Pro-Life Demonstration

Country: Switzerland

Date of incident: September 16, 2015

The Zurich offices of the Swiss Evangelische Volkspartei (EVP) as well as the Swiss Evangelical Alliance and humanitarian organisations Tearfund and Opportunity were attacked by vandals.

Two days before members of the EVP planned to take part in the “Marsch furs Läbe” (March for Life), the façade of the EVP office building was spray-painted with texts reading “Marsch fürs Läbe angreifen”, meaning “attacking the March for Life”, and several hammer and sickles. Paint bombs were thrown against the façade and windows were broken. The repairs will likely cost several thousand Swiss Francs.
The attackers posted an anonymous text online defending their violent action, justifying their fight against “homophobic, anti-feministic and patriarchal policies”.
Sources: Photo credit: EVP Kanton Zürich