Islamists threaten Christians in German Refugee Camps

Country: Germany

Date of incident: September 27, 2015

Christian refugees in German asylum centres are living in constant fear, as the Sunni majority within the migrant population attempts to enforce Sharia law. The situation is so bad that Christians claim they live like “prisoners” in Germany, and some have even returned to Middle East.

An Iranian Christian who fled persecution in his country told German newspaper Die Welt, “In Iran, the Revolutionary Guards have arrested my brother in a house church. I fled the Iranian intelligence, because I thought in Germany I can finally live freely according to my religion.” “But I can not openly admit that I am a Christian in my home for asylum seekers. I will be threatened.”
He lives in a camp for asylum seekers in southern Brandenburg near the border with Saxony. “They wake me before dawn during Ramadan and say I should eat before the sun comes up. If I refuse, they say I’m a kuffar, an unbeliever. They spit at me… They treat me like an animal. And threaten to kill me,” he told Die Welt
“… They are also all Muslims,” he adds.
A pastor of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Berlin-Steglitz told Die Welt, "Almost all have big problems in their homes. Devout Muslims teach their view: Where we are, there is Sharia, there is our law." And "Above all, Christians who have converted from Islam have to suffer as a minority. And they ask: What happens when the devout Muslim refugees leave the refugee center, must we continue hiding ourselves as Christians in the future in this country?”
Die Welt reports that a young Syrian from Erstaufnahmelager in Giessen, who has reported threats against him, said he is concerned that among the refugees are followers of the Islamic State (IS): “They shout Quranic verses. These are words that IS shouts before they cut off people’s heads. I cannot stay here. I am a Christian.” he said.
Die Welt also reports a case of a Christian family from Iraq who was housed in a refugee camp in Bavarian Freising. The family lived like “prisoners” in Germany, they said, so returned to Mosul in Iraq. The father told a TV crew how Syrian Islamists had attacked them in Germany: “You have my wife yelled at and beaten. My child they say… We will kill you and drink your blood.”
Simon Jacob of the Central Council of the Eastern Christians said that stories like this no longer surprise him: “I know a lot of reports of Christian refugees who are under attack. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”