Counter-Demonstrators Attempt to Block Berlin’s March for Life

Country: Germany

Date of incident: September 19, 2015

Category: Social Hostility / Intolerance

Attack against: Faith

Area of case: Private

More than 7,000 pro-life demonstrators took part in the March for Life 2015 in Berlin. About 300 of a total of 1500 counter-demonstrators attempted to block the march. Between these groups stood as many as 1,000 police officers.

Interrupting the silent march of a record number of pro-life participants, most of whom were carrying white crosses, were roadside whistles, booming music and vociferous slogans from counter-demonstrators. The pro-life slogans like "No killing on request" and "Abortion is not a solution" ("Keine Tötung auf Verlangen" und "Abtreibung ist keine Lösung") were countered by the protesters with "More anal intercourse" and "Never again chastity" ("Mehr Analverkehr" und "Nie wieder Keuschheit").

Some of the counter-demonstrators tried to break through the police lines protecting the marchers. The officers were only able to stop them through the use of tear gas. At the same time at a different location along the march route, several hundred other counter-demonstrators held a “sit-in” and were carried away. The interference was described as a repeated "cat and mouse game".

The number of pro-life participants set an all-time record at over 7,000 (2013: 4,500 participants and 2014: 5,000 participants). The March for Life has been an annual event in Berlin since 2008. At the end of this year's march, 14 police officers were injured, 16 protesters were identified for personal offenses, and twelve more were arrested.


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