Creationism Debate comes with Defamation of Christians

Country: Germany

Date of incident: October 2, 2006

Wolfgang Baake, general secretary of Christian Media Association (Christlichen Medienverbundes KEP) Germany, calls the reporting and public discussion of evolution vs. intelligent design vs. creationism “defamation” of Christians.

Summary of events: The ability of a principal of a school to decide impartially was questions due to the fact that he was a Christian. Teacher of biology Wolfgang Meyer was reported to “insist at creationism as only truth in a forceful tone of his voice” in his lessons. Students have signed a public letter that this was not true. Roland Mischke, reporter for German daily „Die Welt“, wrote in an article: "Der Kulturkampf, der nun auch in Deutschland auf Schulen übergreift, wird von seiten der Kreationisten nicht offen geführt. Sie unterminieren und setzten dabei ihre einschüchternde Autorität ein. Sie sind Pädagogen, betreiben aber Missionsarbeit". (Translation: „The culture war waging in German schools is not lead publicly by the creationists. They undermine, the use their intimidating authority. They are pedagoges but they do missionary work.” Similar allegations were mentioned by film maker Frank Papenbroock for his report for TV channel ARTE on September 19th 2006. Wolfgang Baake says that the goal of defamative reporting is to pressure Christians to leave leading positions. For more information please contact and the „Christliches Medienmagazin pro” (both reported on 02.10.2006)