Two French Evangelicals Convicted for Leaflet on Faith and Homosexuality

Country: France

Date of incident: November 2, 2015

Category: Government Restrictions / Social Hostility / Intolerance

Attack against: Faith

Area of case: Governmental

The correctional court of Angoulême (Bordeaux) convicted two men of “incitement to discrimination against a group of persons because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

The LGBT group Adhéos had reported the content of a leaflet to the police, and has now won the case and will be compensated financially. The two men had publicly distributed a leaflet titled “Délivré de l’homosexualité” (in English, “Freed from homosexuality”). The leaflet was a description of one person's experience of religious belief and reportedly contained no "homophobic" or discriminatory language. After the verdict, the two men have been ordered to pay legal expenses and a fine of 1,500 Euros. Both Christians are appealing the decision, and the case will be brought to the Bordeaux Court of Appeals. Sources: InfoChrétienne Evangelical Focus