Student Physically Forced to Attend Sex Education

Country: Germany

Date of incident: June 22, 2015

In North Rhine-Westphalia, a 10 year old boy was forcefully removed from his home and forced to attend sex education without his parents’ consent.

When the boy’s teacher announced that sex education was scheduled for the last weeks before the holidays, the boy’s parents attempted to obtain an exemption for their son. The sex education program’s curriculum contradicts the parents’ religious and moral beliefs that sexual expression is only appropriate within a marriage, and that ‘unplanned’ pregnancies result in human life which is precious and worthy of protection. The parents’ requests for exemption failed as the teacher had firmly insisted on the boy attending sex education because he was, in her opinion, ‘insufficiently informed’ about the topic.  
Since they were not permitted an exemption for their son from early sex education, the parents decided to keep him out of school entirely during that time. On June 22, 2015 public workers arrived at the child’s house and removed the boy so that he was compelled to attend class, despite also being sick with the flu. When his father tried to explain his position at the school and retrieve his son, he was removed from the area.
The officials’ actions have been criticized as violating Basic Law Articles 4 (freedom of religion) and 6 (special protection of the family and marriage).
Source: Epoch Times