Television Presenter Calls Christian a "Homophobe"; Receives No Sanctions

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: April 12, 2016

Piers Morgan will not face sanctions after asking a Christian who opposed same-sex marriage whether he was a "homophobe".

After complaints were made against Piers Morgan, the Good Morning Britain presenter, by viewers who felt the remarks were offensive and discriminatory towards Christians and implied all Christians were homophobic, the media watchdog Ofcom investigated. 
Morgan made the comments in an interview with Richard Page, a Christian magistrate who was fired after he voiced opposition to adoption by same-sex couples. (Read about Richard Page's case here). During the interview, Morgan asked Page if he was in favour of same-sex marriage. When Page replied that he was not Morgan said: "So you're a homophobe then?"
A total of 70 complaints were lodged against Morgan for his comments but Ofcom announced it would not censure him.
Source: Christian Today