Two Church Fires in a Weekend in Narón

Country: Spain

Date of incident: June 11, 2016

In the early hours of Friday, June 10th to Saturday, June 11, two clearly intentional fires were discovered in two different churches in Narón. Each resulted in significant damage to the religious buildings. Incendiary devices were found in both churches. The fires were investigated by agents of the state security forces, as well as the local Narón police.

The first of the fires was discovered in the parish church around 6:00 am, which led to the mobilization of emergency services, civil protection, firefighters, and rescue services. They proceeded to extinguish a fire at the church entrance, in front of which waste containers had been placed. Then emergency personnel broke down the door with a chainsaw. Once inside, with the use of a thermal imaging camera they discovered other hot spots in the area of the sacristy. Additionally, they found several incendiary devices that had been thrown through the broken windows. The operation was concluded 7:20 pm.
Minutes later, about 7:40 pm, these same emergency services personnel were dispatched to another fire in the same parish, at a chapel in honor of San Vicente. This second fire the same characteristics as the first: a fire at the entrance, with waste containers in front of the door. Again, after extinguishing the fire and gaining access to the interior, they found several incendiary devices in the area of the sacristy that had been thrown through broken windows. 
There were no personal injuries reported, but there was significant damage to both structures.

Source: Actuall