Hamburg Court Acquits Afghan Charged with Attempted Homicide against Christian Convert

Country: Germany

Date of incident: September 5, 2016

Christian leaders and the Christian Police Union criticized the acquittal, noting that all of the witnesses were Muslims - many of whom helped the accused flee after the incident.

On October 18th, an Afghan refugee beat a 24-year-old Iranian Christian convert, Amir H., with a baton inside a refugee accommodation. The victim was badly injured and the offender fled. Two months later, the Afghan was caught by the police. The victim said that the Muslim had attacked him because of his own conversion from Islam to Christianity. The Court found that the offender hit the Iranian's head multiple times, but couldn’t find a motive for homicide. It said there could be reasons why the offender had acted in self-defense. However, Amir H. said that the perpetrator had shouted “Allahu Akbar” and had threatened him with death because of his conversion. None of the witnesses would confirm Amir's statement. The Afghan, on the other hand, assured the court that his father "fought against the Taliban, why would he then be against Christians?"
The leader of the Pentecostal Church “Alpha & Omega International”, Pastor Albert Babajan said to the evangelical news agency idea that all the evidence presented tried to make the case seem harmless. But, he asked, why would the Afghan flee if he had not been the offender? Babajan: “I hope that this verdict does not cause Muslims to further attack converted people.” Babajan also said that Amir had left Germany months ago because he was scared of the Afghan. 
According to the Christian Police Union (CPV), the problem with this case was that all of the witnesses had been Muslims. They had helped the Afghan to get away before the police arrived. The CPV also said that attacks against converted Muslims continue to be a problem. Read our reports about the attack here, here, and here. Source: