Family Campaigner Interrogated

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: December 1, 2005

Family campaigner Lynette Burrows interrogated after radio statement in London.

Lynette Burrows, an author on children's rights and a family campaigner, took part in a discussion on the Victoria Derbyshire show on Radio Five Live BBC, about the new civil partnerships act. During the programme, she said she did not believe that homosexuals should be allowed to adopt. She added that placing boys with two homosexuals for adoption was as obvious a risk as placing a girl with two heterosexual men who offered themselves as parents. "It is a risk," she said. "You would not give a small girl to two men. "A member of the public complained to the police and an officer contacted Mrs. Burrows the following day to say a "homophobic incident" had been reported against her. The officer went on to say that it was not a crime but that he had to record these incidents. ”I was astounded," Mrs. Burrows said. "I told her … [the police officer] … this was a  free country and we are allowed to express opinions on matters of public interest.” A spokesman said it was policy for community safety units to investigate homophobic, racist and domestic incidents because these were "priority crimes". It is standard practice for all parties to be spoken to, even if the incident is not strictly seen as a crime. "It is all about reassuring the community," said the spokesman. "We can confirm that a member of the public brought to our attention an incident which he believed to be homophobic.” For further information, please visit: