South Wales Church Damaged by Vandals

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: September 10, 2009

A Christian church in South Wales was targeted by vandals who smashed its newly restored stained glass windows. Worshippers were forced to cancel services in order to fix damages.

Members of St. Gwynour’s Church in South Wales were devastated after finding the windows of their building smashed by vandals hurling rocks. Dozens of rocks and stones shattered the church’s newly restored windows, causing worshippers to cancel their services. The church had recently renovated its windows at a cost of approximately £2,000. Pastor Michael Walters’ living quarters were targeted as well. This is the second attack on St. Gwynour’s, said Mr. Walters. The first damaged the former windows of the church and trees planted in memory of Penclawdd men who died in conflict. Mr. Walters said: “It was terrible to see the extent of the damage – and to see the shock and hurt in the eyes of the congregation. A lot of people in Penclawdd have a deep emotional attachment to St Gwynour’s – generations of families are buried here. People always speak about the church with love and affection, and I am sure the hurt will be felt in the wider community.” Source: