Magazine Cover Page Blasphemes Image of Christ

Country: Germany

Date of incident: April 9, 2010

German Magazine sparks outrage by portraying profane image mocking Catholic Church and blaspheming image of Christ on the crucifix.

The German satirirical magazine Titanic has as its cover art a caricature mocking the Catholic Church in light of the current abuse cases in the Catholic Church.  In the image, a clergyman stands before the crucified Christ as blood is streaming out of His side.  The disrespectful positioning of the clergyman before Christ implies oral sex.  The title given to the cover art states: "The Church Today". This is the same magazine that depicted a caricature of Mohammed that was hurtful to many in 2006.  The image has sparked outrage among German Christians and criminal charges against the two responsible Titanic editors for this cover are a possibility.