Zaragoza City Council Initiated Proceeding to Claim Public Ownership of Cathedral and Church

Country: Spain

Date of incident: March 28, 2017

Category: Government Restrictions

Attack against: Faith

Area of case: Anti-Religion or humanism groups / Governmental

The municipal government's proceedings are an attempt to nullify the inmatriculación (entry into the property registry) of La Catedral de San Salvador de Zaragoza, known La Seo and Iglesia de La Magdalena by claiming the buildings are public property. The spokesman for the Archbishop of Zaragoza, José Antonio Calvo, replied that that the city cannot prevail because the Church has owned the buildings since the 12th century.

The spokesman went on to explain that the Church's ownership of the two buildings had been "peaceful, uncontested, and notorious" before the property registry laws came into effect in the second half of the 19th century and that the entry into the registry was merely making the Church's clear ownership publicly visible, rather than creating a new property right. José Antonio Calvo stated that this "is a conflict artificially created by ideological causes and secularists who want to expel the Church from society, from public life, and who seek confrontation." Source: Info Catolica