Attacks on Pro Life Activists

Country: Austria

Date of incident: September 7, 2010

Ongoing attacks against sidewalk-counseling pro life activists in Vienna filmed and published online.

The Catholic news network "" made a series of attacks against pro life activists engaged in sidewalk-counseling. The large abortion clinic in front of which the incidents took place is situated in the 15th district of Vienna and run by Dr. Christian Fiala. In an Austrian newspaper, Mr. Fiala is quoted saying that he has hired two people to molest and attack all sidewalk-counselers.  In the video ( various attacks have been recorded: physical attacks (such as the beating of a handicapped activist), insults and swearing (also mocking religion), damage to property (e.g. cutting an activist's religious items with scissors), and theft (the wallet of an activist stolen behind his back).  The Vienna district attorney was alerted but has not done anything yet.