Muslim Street Prayer Called for Fighting Infidels

Country: France

Date of incident: September 22, 2017

During their Friday prayers, muslims in Clichy gathered in front of the city hall on the street. The imam, who directed this prayer, chanted: "Fight the infidels without exception, as they fight you without exception, and know that Allah is with the pious." (9:36 of the Koran).

According to some analyses, the more specific meaning of this verse is: "Fight [in the sense of extermination] the infidels [Christians who associate other gods with God, an anti-Trinitarian proclamation] without exception [in the sense of completely], as they fight you without exception. And know that Allah is with the pious." It appears the event was neither authorized nor forbidden by the city hall or the prefecture. However, a disturbance of public order appeared to have been tolerated by the police, who were directing traffic.
A video of the event can be seen here. An analysis of the content (in French) is here. Source: L'Observatoire and HRWF