Steady Increase of Desecrating Acts in French Cemeteries

Country: France

Date of incident: October 12, 2010

Ongoing: A report of the Gendarmerie Nationale underlines the fact that most desecrations since 2005 have been aimed at Christian cemeteries and other Christian places of worship.

France falls prey of desecration every other day. According to a report by the general directory of the Gendarmerie Nationale, no less than 184 tomb desecrations were registered last year, which are only 19 cases less than in 2008. Since 2005, a place of worship has been desecrated on average every other day. “Perpetrated crimes in cemeteries are mostly desecrations of steles, ornaments and inscriptions," underlines the report, which stresses that 95% of listed desecrations are “in their majority directed at Christian tombs and churches." April 30, the birthday of Hitler and of the foundation of the Church of Satan in the United States, is the most popular day in a calender year for desecration. Many acts are also observed on October 31, which is Halloween and the Satanist new-year, as well as on solstices and equinoxes. “Generally, investigations do not allow to determine the real motivations of desecrators," declared the gendarmes. Indeed, the elements of proof that are gathered sometimes cause confusion (for example, swastikas along with Satanist graffiti)”.... If  acts are attributed to “worshipers of the devil," they are qualified as a “minority”. Analysts of the Criminal Affair Office (Bureau des Affaires Criminelles, BAC) observe that, “among all acts that were registered in 2009, most are assumed  to be related to Satanism (destruction of crosses or turning crosses upside down).” Read more in Le Figaro (French):