Six Recent Cases of Vandalism in Bamberg Churches: Witnesses Sought

Country: Germany

Date of incident: May 4, 2018

Category: Social Hostility / Intolerance

Attack against: Faith

Area of case: Private

Police are investigating at least six separate acts of vandalism in five churches in Bamberg in a short period. The property damage is estimated at more than 20,000 euros. On May 2nd, unknown people knocked the figure of Saint Joseph from its pedestal in the Convent of Heiliggrab, seriously damaging it. The next day at the convent, a large wooden crucifix was thrown to the ground. Also on May 3rd, two large figures of saints were overturned in St. Ottokirche.

Marcus Wolf, the parish priest for both churches, said "the heavy figures and cross were knocked over with brute force. I wonder who has such rage against the church and the Christian faith. It has created immense material and spiritual damage."

Since the incidents, the two churches have been closed outside Mass times. "It's sad. The churches are always open so that people can come and pray briefly. Now we've taken that away from the people," said Wolf.

Other Bamberg churches affected by recent vandalism included the Erlöserkirche, Martinskirche, and the church of St. Kunigund. The police began an investigation and collected evidence.

Police are seeking witnesses. In particular, the investigators are looking for a middle-aged couple who spoke on Thursday, May 3rd at 12:20 p.m. on Mittelstraße with a male person, in the immediate vicinity of a wooden cross with Jesus figure. Tel. 0921 / 9129-210.

Sources: Bayerischer Rundfunk, Facebook Page of Erzbistum Bamberg, Police Press Release 
Photo: copyright - Pastor Marcus Wolf, used with permission