Bibles Removed from Hospital Rooms

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: June 3, 2018

The Royal Infirmary of Dumfries and Galloway made the decision to remove Bibles from hospital rooms and social areas upon complaint that Christianity was given "preferential treatment".

The Royal Infirmary of Dumfries and Galloway had ordered 344 New Testament Bibles from the Gideons for each of the hospital rooms and social areas. However, after a complaint, the hospital decided to remove them saying that Christianity should not be given "preferential treatment". 

A spokesman for the hospital said: "All 344 Bibles remain available to patients, but NHS Dumfries and Galloway took the decision to halt the direct provision of Bibles into social areas and single-bed rooms in order to consider the most easily accessible yet appropriate locations."   

The Rev David Robertson of the Free Church of Scotland claimed the decision was an example of “religious prejudice.” He said, “A small and vociferous group of secular atheist fundamentalists are seeking to impose their values on the whole of Scottish society."

Dr Donald Boyd, of the Scottish Christian Party, said: “Equalities legislation is meant to be respecting individual rights. What you’ve got is aggressive individuals who are turning minority rights into majority rights.”

Sources: Express and Premier