Pastor excluded from volunteering at prison due to allegations of extremism by Imam

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: January 11, 2018

Pastor Paul Song was excluded from volunteering at a prison in Brixton, South London after Muslim Imam accused him of being too radical.

Pastor Paul Song, who had been functioning as a prison chaplain in HMP Brixton in south London for almost 20 years, was excluded from the prison permanently after the Muslim managing chaplain accused him of extremism.

Paul Song expains that he was repeatedly under pressure after the Anglican managing chaplain was replaced by a Muslim in 2015. Imam Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed accused Song of being too radical and the allegation was put forward that Song had called a prisinor a terrorist. Song maintains that these allegations are false and that they have not been met by any evidence. Song said he would never make such comments. He had worked in prisons for many years with people from different faiths and there were never any complaints. Song also claims that Ahmed told him that it was his intent to end "Christian domination" in HMP Brixton. 

Last August Song received an email from Ahmed that he was no longer allowed to come to the prison. No reason for this was given. In January Song was contacted by the Prison Group Director at the London and Thames Valley Prisoners that the exclusion from HMP Brixton was permanent. The mangement had decided to let him go for 'allegations of miscoduct'. The Ministry of Justice informed him that he could work anywhere except for HMP Brixton.    

Song regularly taught the Alpha course and was held in high regard by many prisoners. Former inmates have come forward to describe the positive impact Song has had on their life and credited him with their rehabilitation. Song has been supported by Christian Legal Center which is considering legal action.

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